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Promoting the sport of dressage and dressage education in the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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Photos by Carole MacDonald and Kevin England
Exciting News!
The 2014 USDF Convention will be held at:
Hyatt Regency
Cambridge, MA
Be sure to check this site and the USDF for more information
and for registration on the USDF site next summer!


ENYDCTA is hosting the 2014 L-Program

There is still space available!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Please click HERE for a link to the program schedule (which also has more contact information and links to applications). Also Please feel free to contact:
Krystal Wilt
ENYDCTA Vice President
L Program 2014 Coordinator
For more information (here contact information can be found by clicking the link above)

Attendees, Regional Officers and delegates to the 2013 USDF Convention
February 2014 Regional Director's Message

Region 8 News
Greetings and OMG! BRRRR!
I was lucky to spend time in Florida for the USDF FEI Trainer's Conference and it was just amazing. I learned so much by the training they were doing but also watching the riding, their seat, and connections. I am doing my centerlines and 'owning' my transitions. Not sure Satch or Al are enjoying my new found methods!!!LOL!!  The news tells us that the groundhog saw his shadow and as the myth says we will have six more weeks of winter. However, with all the news stations there watching the groundhog and all their lights, sounds, etc…What groundhog would not run back in for more sleep!!! With this I am hoping the weather become more temperate.
As I rode this morning in cold temperature, I can only think that the show season is far far far away, but it is not. So here is a reminder to get your memberships done, your coggins done, download the entry forms and fill out all but the class info (it's the show secretary coming out in me!!!), think about your goals for your riding and discuss them with your trainer, and basically relax as it is only a few weeks before the first shows and clinics are here.
As you all should know now that the next USDF convention is being held in Boston in December. Here is the opportunity for everyone to come and see USDF in action. Nominations are open for Participating members to be delegates at the 2014 USDF convention. If you are interested or if you want to nominate someone, you need to contact Kevin England, kcengland@cox.net, quickly. As a PM Delegate you must attend the USDF convention next December and Kevin can give you the scoop in more detail of what is expected. I would love to see some new blood coming.
The Region 8 spring meeting will be held on March 29 or April 5. I am trying to make the final plans and will get the dates posted on the website ASAP!
That is all for now.
See you on the Centerline…
Debra Reinhardt
USDF Region 8 Director


REGION 8 Fall Meeting

Topics to include:
Planning for the 2014 USDF Convention in Cambridge, MA in December, Fund Raising,
Date: October 25, 2014                        Time: 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Where: (Tentative) Amherst Brewing Company at 10 University Dr, Amherst, MA.

Please note: Minutes from the Spring Region 8 Meetings can be seen under the Tab "About Us".
April 2014 Regional Director's Message:
Region 8 News
YAY! Spring is here! AND….Our first shows in Region 8 are open. Are our equine Friends ready? Have you prepared yourself? Do you have a current coggins? Are you memberships all up to date? Do I sound like a show secretary? Sorry but I know how those first shows are. So be proactive and get the paperwork done.
A reminder to Nominated PM Delegates - please send in your acceptance. Deadline is April 15th. As a Participating Member, you are represented by delegates that you vote into that position. Remember that notice you get in June to vote…That would be it!!! These people have agreed to go to the convention on their own money, taking time out of their busy schedule, and vote on issues at the BOG, Board of Governors, for you. While some GMO, Group Member Organizations, like NEDA, pay or help pay some of these expenses for their delegates, these PM delegates get nothing from the Region. The Fern Feldman PM Fund was set up for this but it has not been funded well. So we are going to start investigating items to sell for Region 8 to raise some funds. Like hats, polos, etc… More news to come!
While it has been several years, as I cannot remember the last one, on Saturday, April 5th, we held a spring Region 8 business meeting (outside of the convention). It was a small group (but a quorum) and some SKYPE'd in until I lost power, but it was productive. Minutes were taken and once they are compiled, they will be on the website for you to read.
The main business was two items. First, competitors going to the US Finals in Lexington, KY will get a Region 8 saddle pad and other items like hat, coffee mug….All with Region 8 on it of course! There will need to be some fundraising but I think we can get it done!
The USDF Convention in Boston was the main topic. We will need volunteers to help with the USDF registration desk and welcome booth. Susan Rainville will be heading the organization of the welcome booth but she will be needing ideas and help also. It happens this is the 25th Anniversary of the Certified Instructors and Region 8 has held the most Certification testing and has the most Certified Instructors. Hence, Connecticut Dressage Assoc (who did many testings early on for this program) and D4K (who provides scholarships for the program) are giving funds for a 'meet the certified instructors' gathering. It will be a great success as food is involved!!! NEDA has really stepped up big time and will host the Welcome party on Thursday Night at Ned Devines at Faneuil Hall.
Please note the next meeting will be October 25th. I will be confirming the same place and same time.
Our website is becoming more and more important. We have many notices and information on the site. So please check 1 to 2 times a month. If you want to get Regional notices, please go to contact us on http://www.usdfregion8.com/ and give us your email address. We are also keeping our facebook page updated with posts. So if you have not 'liked' us yet…please do.
See you on the Centerline…
Debra Reinhardt
USDF Region 8 Director