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Promoting the sport of dressage and dressage education in the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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Photos by Carole MacDonald and Kevin England
Exciting News!
The 2014 USDF Convention will be held at:
Hyatt Regency
Cambridge, MA

Attendees, Regional Officers and delegates to the 2013 USDF Convention (right)

One of our PM Delegates, Karin Swanfeldt, is chairing the Welcome Table for Region 8 at the USDF Convention! She is wondering if  GMO's in Region 8 would like to donate SWAG!!!  Swag with their logo's on it. Her thought is that it would be cool to give stuff away at our Region 8 Welcome table each day.
Sounds good to me!
Contact Karen with your donated items, her e-mail is on the Delegates page of the web-site.

Please note: Minutes from the Spring and Fall Region 8 Meetings can be seen under the Tab "About Us".

December 9-10, 2014
Improving Performance Through Knowledge

For GPS directions, use 3 Weather Lane, Gray, Maine
Space will be limited! Don't miss your opportunity. Register today!
Registration ends Monday, November 17th

Morning Refreshments with coffee PLUS LUNCH INCLUDED with your Registration. Communication regarding receipt of your registration will be done via email so please provide a valid email address. If you do not use email, please don't
give an email address; we'll contact you by phone instead. TICKETS WILL
NOT BE MAILED IN ADVANCE. Auditors will pick up their auditor packet using their first & last name, on the first day of attendance.  If you are registering for a group of people, please complete a separate form for each person as packets will be distributed to individuals only.
Checks payable to Pineland Farms and mailed to Pineland Farms Equestrian Center, Attn: Clarke/Rockwell Symposium,
1545 Intervale Rd, New Gloucester, ME 04620

The Equestrian Center at Pineland Farms will welcome back FEI 5* Judge Stephen Clarke for a 2nd
symposium, this time with fellow FEI 5* Judge Gary Rockwell, on December 9th & 10th, following the 2014
USDF Annual Convention being held in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In 2012 The Equestrian Center at Pineland Farms embarked on its mission to create a regional training center for dressage athletes. As described by DressageDaily, Pineland Farms' "high level of commitment to providing ongoing educational opportunities is complimented by a program designed to give participants access to the level of support and guidance critical to developing riders and their equine partners to their full potential." In pursuit of that goal, The Equestrian Center has hosted events of its own while also partnering with Region 8 GMOs, New England Dressage Association & Maine Dressage Society. Over the last 2 years, The Equestrian Center has been host to Stephen Clarke, Ashley Holzer, Michael Klimke, Christoph Hess, Angelika Frömming, and sport psychologist to the 2012 London Olympic Team, Dr. Jenny Susser.

Rider applications are being accepted through October 15th. We are looking for horse-and-rider combinations to join a few of our own in demonstrating how to ride and train for competition. A variety of levels will be represented, and accepted riders will spend 2 days exploring how to develop a better "lesson plan" for their horses.

Auditors will share in the learning by educating their eyes to precision and quality as riders are guided by Clarke & Rockwell. Day 1 (Tuesday) will showcase riders going through their warm-up and riding some movements from their appropriate level. Clarke & Rockwell will highlight the movements done with quality, and they will work with riders to improve the precision of the move difficult parts. Day 2 (Wednesday) will continue this theme with riders performing their whole test, followed by commentary from the judges.

USEF Judges in attendance will be invited to share their biggest "pet peeves" about test riding, and Clarke & Rockwell will use demo riders to sort those movements out, providing a more concrete road map as to how to break the movement down, what is being tested, and how to present your horse to the best of its ability.

Auditors, this is your opportunity to learn what the pros know! What's the difference in their approach to test riding, regardless of their horse's talent, that sets them apart? What ARE the judges looking for? Come see. Come ask questions.

Come spend two days in southern Maine with fellow dressage enthusiasts and two of our sport's most influential figures.

USDF University add $5.00
auditing, Tuesday & Wednesday (lunch included)
 Jr/YR (under 21): $80.00         USDF GMO Member: $175.00 (please provide proof of membership)
 non-GMO Member: $250.00
auditing, Tuesday only (lunch included)
 Jr/YR (under 21): $50.00         USDF GMO Member: $95.00 (please provide proof of membership)
 non-GMO Member: $125.00
auditing, Wednesday only (lunch included)
 Jr/YR (under 21): $50.00         USDF GMO Member: $95.00 (please provide proof of membership)
 non-GMO Member: $125.00

Last Name                                                                                First Name_                                                                           _ Email                                                                                      _ Best Phone to reach you                                                      

The Pineland Farms' website, <https://www.pinelandfarms.org/equestrian-center/>/,  <https://www.pinelandfarms.org/equestrian-center/>and Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/PFECdressage,  <https://www.facebook.com/PFECdressage>are your best
sources for information.

Special room rates are available at the Fireside Inn & Suites in Auburn. Call 207-777-1777 and mention Pineland Farms for a 10% discount. There are also many additional hotels and motels in the Portland, Freeport, and Lewiston/Auburn area. Coming with a group? Call us about reserving one of our many guest houses.
Please choose:
 Adult Amateur
 Professional (horse trainer and/or instructor)

If you are a judge, please list your rating/level



Credit Card Payments:
Card holder's name_                                                                                          Billing address                                                                                                   Card #                                                                      Exp. date_                      

Auditor questions should be directed to equestrian@pinelandfarms.org  <mailto:equestrian@pinelandfarms.org>or 207-657-6419.
3-digit code         
All other questions, including rider questions, can be directed to Jennifer Dillon at jdillon@pinelandfarms.org  <mailto:jdillon@pinelandfarms.org>(please put Clarke/Rockwell
Symposium in the subject line).

NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER NOVEMBER 15TH. Parking will be available at The Equestrian Center.
Use 3 Weather Lane, Gray, Maine for directions.

First Annual Symposium:
Improving Performance Through Knowledge

For GPS directions, use 3 Weather Lane, Gray, Maine DEMONSTRATION RIDERS NEEDED Applications accepted through October 15th

Pineland Farms, a privately operated non-profit organization, is searching for dressage riders to assist us in presenting our inaugural symposium featuring FEI 5* Judges Stephen Clarke and Gary Rockwell.

Applications to ride will be accepted through October 15th. Anyone is welcome to apply. Preference will be given to horses and riders, regardless of Professional or Amateur status or Jr/YR, who placed in the top 3 of their respective level at their Regional Championships. The application consists of written and visual material. Both parts of the application must be received in order to be considered a complete application. Video material may be submitted in the form of a YouTube link, DVD or VHS. YouTube links should be sent via email to
ecreamer@pinelandfarms.org <mailto:ecreamer@pinelandfarms.org>. We will verify receipt of a working link via return email.

        Applications sent by snail mail must be postmarked by October 15th and should be mailed to Pineland
Farms, Attn: Elizabeth Creamer, 1545 Intervale Rd., New Gloucester, ME, 04260.
        Applications sent by email must be emailed by October 15th, 11:59 p.m. AND must contain working links prior to the deadline. If your email contains a non-working YouTube link, and the link is not active, it must be in working order by October 15th, 11:59 p.m.

We are looking for 4 - 6 horse-and-rider combinations to join a few of our own in demonstrating how to ride and train for competition. A variety of levels will be represented, and accepted riders will spend 2 days exploring how to develop a better "lesson plan" for their horses and how to better prepare for and ride their tests.

        Accepted riders will be notified no later than Saturday, November 15th.
        Accepted riders will be required to provide both Clarke & Rockwell with a copy of at least 1 scored test at their respective level. (Riders may provide more than 1 scored tests; riders will place their test copies in an envelope upon arrival at Pineland Farms; the sealed envelopes will be given directly to Clarke & Rockwell.)
        Cost to ride is $600 and includes the following: guaranteed 2 private rides, stabling (including shavings), auditing for rider and 1 guest, and accommodations at Pineland Farms' North House for rider and 1 guest. Stabling and housing are available from Sunday, December 7th, through Thursday, December 11th. North House has multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, sleeping up to 9, plus a stocked kitchen.
2014 Clarke/Rockwell Symposium @ Pineland Farms

Rider Name:         

         Professional         _Amateur _   _Junior/Young Rider Age, if Jr/YR:         


Best phone         
Email (if you use email)         

Horse's Name:_         Owner of Horse:_         

Breed:          Sex:         Age:         

Current level(s): (competing)         (schooling)         

Scores received:_         

Anything special you want us to know:         

Biographical information on horse and rider (please attach). Include training experience, competitive record, and any other pertinent information.

Please submit your visual portion of the application in the form of a VHS video tape, DVD, or YouTube link. We prefer you ride a test for your application as this ensures your visual format will be approximately 10 minutes or less and will show all required movements at the level you are competing. If you don't have footage from a show, simply ride a test at home. Please also show some of the movements you are schooling if they are not included in your test ride.

Please send a separate application for each horse. Emails (or phone calls) will be made to verify receipt of your application. If you would like your video or DVD returned, please include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope; or you may pick up at the symposium. Please do not send original videos/DVDs or your only copy.

Cost: $600 which includes a ride both days of the symposium, auditing for 2, stabling for up to 4 nights, and lodging for two (rider plus guest) for up to 4 nights. Stabling includes bedding but riders will care for their own horse. Lodging will be at the Pineland Farms' North House. All riders will be given free auditing admission for themselves and 1 guest.

Nancy Later Lavoie
and Carousel Dressage Horses
Proudly Present Our October Schedule
Conrad Schumacher   Tristan Tucker
October 3-5, 2014      October 17-19, 2014
More Information on JR/YR tab of this website!

Volunteers needed for the USDF Convention, for a list of volunteer opportunitys see the Convention Page of this Website. Thanks!